The selected vendor will be responsible for the below listed (but not limited to) tasks,

a. The cafeteria is planned to be operational on a 24x7 basis at a vantage location at the IT parks to serve the needs of the community at large on payment basis. It is expected that a good number of companies of IT parks and outside visitors will patronize the cafeteria. The selected vendor(s) shall be responsible for end-to-end management of the cafeteria.

b. Facilities, such as single-point electricity connection, single-point water connection, fixed number of chairs and tables (except in case of Rajarhat IT Park) shall be provided by WBEIDCL. The selected vendor may arrange for additional chairs and tables, as required. The selected vendor shall be responsible for paying the utility bills on a pro-rated basis or as per the bills generated in case of erection of a dedicated meter, as applicable. Usage of LPG, if needed within the IT Park premises, the vendor has to arrange for required NOC from WBFES at their cost and submit the same to WBEIDCL. Also, all required safety norms/measures are to be followed.

c. The selection of contractors for the work mentioned in this RFP shall be evaluated on their ability and competency to provide high quality time-bound services, in close co-ordination with other agencies.

d. The contractor is supposed to arrange the necessary statutory approvals/clearances/licenses like fire safety recommendations/ fire safety certificates as applicable for running non polluted & non hazards in nature commercial business within the premises of the IT Parks.

e. The contractor will arrange for any additional facilities, utilities, equipment and inputs required for the production and services of various items of food without damaging the permanent construction facilities. Any construction, interior modification, concrete work, plumbing work, or drilling work, if deemed necessary, may be executed, only after the prior written permission of WBEIDCL. Alcohol is not allowed.

f. The Contractor shall be responsible for ensuring proper utilization of the facilities, equipment's, furniture and utilities provided by WBEIDCL without any manner of abuse or excess use. The bidder shall also keep the kitchen and surrounding area tidy, hygienic and free from any damage. For any loss or damages to the premises, fittings, fixtures and equipment provided/ owned by WBEIDCL, recovery at market rates would be affected from the contractor's bill and the material/item repaired or replaced at his cost.

g. Notwithstanding anything elsewhere provided herein, the contract may be terminated if the contractor does not within 30 (Thirty) days of notice in writing in this behalf, rectify any defect in the maintenance, upkeep, hygiene and cleanliness of the kitchen and/or equipment to a state satisfactory to the Officer-in-charge from WBEIDCL (Webel). h. The contractor shall be responsible for all types of major or minor repairs and maintenance of the Light fittings, furniture, other fittings etc.), as provided by the WBEIDCL, at its own cost.

i. Efficiency, promptness, quality food, quality service, good behavior and politeness of the Caterer and his staff are to be ensured.

j. Work shall be carried out by the Caterer as per the conditions of the allotment.

k. The Caterer should engage fully trained and adequately experienced staffs and preferably arrange to provide refresher-training course for them as and when required and as per the direction of the WBEIDCL.

l. All the catering staff should be medically fit. They should be free from any infectious diseases. The Caterer shall get his employees medically examined once in six months and obtain fitness certificates. They will also be subject to police verification of character and antecedents.

m. Entry into Webel IT parks by any Caterer's personnel will be subject to issue of gate passes/ ID Cards to such personnel for the purpose. Gate passes/ ID Cards shall be for a fixed period and shall be issued at the joint request of the Caterer and the personnel of the Caterer with respect to whom gate passes/ ID Cards are sought, in the format prescribed by WBEIDCL and shall be jointly signed by the Caterer and the concerned personnel.

n. Issue of gate passes/ ID Cards shall be subject to the approval of the Officer-in-charge from WBEIDCL and such approval shall be subject to the Caterer furnishing to the officer-in-charge from WBEIDCL, a copy of letter of appointment issued by the Caterer to each person with respect to whom the gate pass/ ID Card is sought, signed in acceptance by the persons to whom the letter of appointment is given.

o. The gate pass may be withdrawn at any time without assigning any reason.

p. The gate passes issued to the Caterer's personnel shall not ordinarily exceed the number which shall be communicated to him by the WBEIDCL from time to time except to meet emergent, casual or temporary requirements.

q. The Caterers' personnel shall not indulge in entertaining their guests in the Webel IT parks premises, and shall not loiter in the Webel IT parks premises and shall not normally move out of their specified areas of operations.

r. The Caterer shall get the menu approved by the competent authority of Webel or the representative of the concerned IT Parks authority. The caterer may make any subsequent changes in the menu in consultation with the competent authority.

s. The Caterer shall make necessary arrangements for regular and prompt collection and disposal of waste generated in the kitchen on day-to-day basis.

t. The personnel at cafeteria are to use required hygienic measures, including usage of gloves/head covers etc. while cooking/serving the foods.

u. Polythene bags/ plastic cups shall not be used in the IT parks premises. Plastic-containers / polythene pouches in which any milk products or eatables are generally sold should be disposed of as quickly as possible.

v. WBEIDCL shall inform the Caterer of its requirements regarding catering to additional guests at least one day in advance for planned courses and in urgent and exceptional cases, the intimation shall be 6 hours in advance. All intimations written/verbal shall be made to the Caterer or his representative. Depending upon the room occupancy for a particular program, the Caterer may modify his activities accordingly.

w. The period of allotment will be 11 months / 36 months / 60 months. At the end of contract period, prevailing scheme will be followed to consider extension of the contract after review of the performance.

x. The contractor(s) will shall be exclusively responsible to meet and comply with all legal requirements with respect to the food items prepared and sold by him at the IT parks.

y. The contractor is liable for the payment of any and all existing taxes of the Central or State Government or of any other authority with respect to the items sold or supplied pursuant thereto or anything done or services rendered pursuant thereto.

z. The contractor shall be responsible and liable for all the claims of his employees.

The contractor / tenant shall vacate and hand over the allotted space after expiry of the agreement or early termination of the agreement. The caterer /contractor should be equipped enough to deliver timely and quality services in the events where part of the cafeteria space may be required by WBEIDC/concern IT parks for functions programmers/in-house activities etc.