Application for Module E in Siliguri (Phase - I) IT Park, Siliguri (Phase - I)

Siliguri (Phase - I) IT Park, Siliguri (Phase - I)
Module ID Module E
Type NON AC NON Plug & Play
Floor 4th Floor
Super Builtup Area 2137.3014 SQFT.
Carpet Area 1251.63548 SQFT.
Rent Rate 12 Per SQFT Per Month
  Service Charge Rate 5 Per SQFT Per Month
Booking Amount  (Carpet Area x (Rent Rate + Service Charge Rate) x 1 month) 21278 INR
Statutory taxes (as applicable), electricity / power backup consumption charges as per actual to be paid extra.
Application form for Module E in Siliguri (Phase - I) IT Park, Siliguri (Phase - I)
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Present Address Permanent / Registered Address Brief description of business activity
Email  (Confirmation will be shared) Mobile Number (OTP will be shared) Tentative time of posession
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Customer" is the person who agrees for reservation of module/modules at IT Park in West Bengal through the website of WBEIDC (Webel)

The Customer understands and agrees that the Services are provided under the terms as follows :

By proceeding with booking and using the Services, the Customer acknowledges that she / he has read and understands the Terms and agrees to comply the same. Company reserves the right to terminate the Customer's use or access to the Modules at any time for any reason, including, without limitation, if the Company learns that the Customer has provided false or misleading information or have violated the Terms etc.
At the initial stage, the customer must confirms about its tenure, i.e. eleven months, three years or five years .WBEIDC Ltd shall receive such assurances and documentation as per requirement.

Advance rent, service / maintenance charge and GST at the initial stage of booking is mandatory,

Security deposit amount, vary on yearly basis depending upon the tenure of the agreement (i.e. 11 months,3 years or 5 years)

Customer is liable to pay any government (central and state) taxes or any other statutory taxes including municipal tax as when being imposed by the government itself.

The electricity charges should be paid by the Customer every month on basis of its actual consumption;

There is a provision of generator and the Customer can opt for it if required and will pay its charges as per norm of Webel

An Agreement to be executed mentioning the terms and conditions between the parties before taking over the space.

4.8. 2017

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