Book Cafeteria in IT Parks

The module identified for the Cafeteria inside the Webel IT Park is considered as a 'facility' to the entrepreneurs/ visitors and other personnel who are associated with the IT Park. The food vendor has to pay the following:

i. Monthly 'Service Charge' x Carpet Area of the Cafeteria + 18% GST as the monthly rent.
ii. Electric consumption Charge has to pay as per actual (Electric meter reading).
iii. In addition, reimbursement of the proportioned Property Tax for the local authority/ statutory body has also to be paid as per actual.

Other conditions are as follows:
1. Allotment to be 'First Come First Serve' basis and allotment would be as-is basis. The whole process to be 'Online'.
2. Monthly 'Service Charge' X Carpet Area of the Cafeteria + 18% GST as the monthly rent.
3. Electricity consumption charge will be as per meter reading and as actual.
4. Service Charge to be paid within the 7days from the bill received by the occupant.
5. Trade License, Food License and No objection of fire for cooking within the Cafeteria are to be obtained by the applicant.
6. Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) would be 1 times of the monthly Service Charge and will be paid during the application, it would be adjustable with the monthly Service Charge.
7. Security Deposit (SD) would be 3 times of the monthly Service Charge. (That is refundable when Cafeteria will be handed to Webel).
8. Chimney, Refrigerator, Utensils and any other materials related to operation of Cafeteria need to be arranged by the Cafeteria occupant. These things may be taken back by the party when vacant the space.
9. The entire responsibility for garbage disposal (outside the IT Park premises) would be borne by the occupant.
10. Any modification/ alteration work would be done only prior permission from Webel but while vacating the space the same must be restored in the original condition as per satisfaction of Webel.
11. Selected vendor should be ensured a reasonable rate for the IT Park occupant.
12. All type of foods (Veg & Non-veg) should be served.